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COVID-19 Emergency Measures   


Administrative Procedures for Student, Staff, and Community Health and Safety

The administrative team of the School District has adopted these procedures in accordance with Policy 1310 in order to implement Policy 1905 during the term of the declared public health emergency to ensure a safe and healthy work and instructional setting. These procedures were developed in accordance with the latest available guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and in coordination with applicable state, tribal, and local health officials. These procedures supplement Policy 1905. All provisions in Policy 1905 remain in effect.

Personnel Cleaning and Disinfecting

Personnel will evaluate and identify surfaces and objects to be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with their knowledge, experience, and the latest available guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, state, tribal, and local health officials. Personnel will have access to or the opportunity to access the latest available guidance upon request to their supervisor.

Personnel will coordinate with colleagues and supervisors to develop a plan, schedule, and routine to regularly clean and disinfect identified surfaces and objects. Personnel will honor this plan, schedule, and routine until adjusted. Reasons for adjustment may include but are not limited to change in school schedule, absence of colleagues, availability of equipment and supplies, and federal, state, tribal or local health directives and guidance. If adjustment is necessary, personnel will again coordinate with colleagues and supervisors to improve the plan, schedule, and routine. Personnel will solicit and accept perspectives from colleagues and other school officials when considering improvements to the plan.

Personnel will prioritize disinfecting frequently touched and indoor surfaces. Hard and nonporous surfaces and objects that are touched daily will be the top priority for disinfection on a daily basis. Hard and non-porous surfaces and objects that are not indoors or have not been occupied for seven days will be routinely cleaned. Personnel will first clean visibly dirty surfaces and objects prior to disinfection by using the appropriate cleaning or disinfecting product for the identified surface, object, or task. Personnel will always use chemicals, products, and substances authorized by Policy 1905 in a manner consistent with the applicable instructions.

Personnel will thoroughly clean or launder soft, porous, or fabric-based materials as permitted by location and substance. During evaluation and identification of surfaces, personnel will consider removing soft and porous materials in high traffic areas that may increase risk of exposure.

Personnel will establish and maintain safe work practices in accordance with these procedures and School District policy in order to reduce the risk of exposure.

Symptoms of Illness

Personnel who are ill, feeling ill, diagnosed as ill, or otherwise demonstrating symptoms of illness must not come to school or work. Personnel who have a fever or are exhibiting other signs of illness while at work will be authorized to return home. All affected surfaces and areas should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once the staff member has vacated the area by staff utilizing safety measures in this procedure in accordance with available standards as applicable. Staff members will be provided access to leave in accordance with the applicable master contract, collective bargaining agreement, or memorandum of understanding.

Physical Distancing and Work Areas

Staff members working in the school when no students are present will maintain appropriate physical distance from their colleagues as permitted by their duties and work setting to minimize contact and risk of exposure. Staff members will have access to disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spray and disposable paper towels and time to clean their desk, office, work area or classroom when needed.

Physical Barriers and Guides

Personnel will review school buildings and identify areas where installation of physical barriers, such as sneeze guards and partitions, will assist students and staff when unable to remain at a safe distance from their colleagues and peers. Personnel will coordinate with building or district administrators to complete or install any identified physical barrier.


Personnel will review and ensure ventilation systems operate properly and increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible. Classroom staff are authorized to open windows and doors to increase air flow in a manner that does not pose a safety or health risk to students and staff. Risks to consider include but are not limited to weather, risk of falling, and triggering asthma symptoms.

Water Systems

Personnel will review water systems and features including but not limited to sink faucets, drinking fountains, decorative fountains to ensure they are safe to use after a prolonged facility shutdown. Drinking fountains will be cleaned and sanitized in accordance with this procedure. The administration may provide alternative water sources if available. Staff and students are authorized to bring their own water to minimize use and touching of water fountains.

Report and Revision

These administrative procedures will be reported to the board of trustees upon adoption and implementation by the administration in accordance with Policy 1310. The board of trustees retains the authority to amend policy and procedures. Any revision to these procedures will be reported to the board of trustees.

Policy History:

Adopted on: 03/25/21
Reviewed on:
Revised on:
Terminated on:        

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