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COVID-19 Emergency Measures   

Applicability of Emergency Policy Series

During a state of emergency declared by the Board of Trustees or other local, state or federal agency, official, or legislative body, the provisions in the emergency policies adopted by the Board of Trustees as codified at 1900-1999 in the district policy manual will govern in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between an emergency policy and other provision in the district policy manual. All other aspects of the district policy manual not affected by the provisions in the emergency policy series continue to be in full effect.

Legal References

In the absence of a legal reference on an emergency policy adopted by the Board of Trustees, the policy is specifically based on the Board of Trustees authority to supervise and control the schools within the District in accordance with Article X, section 8 of the Montana Constitution.

Adoption and Amendment of Policies

New or revised policies that are required or have required language changes based on State or Federal law or directive, required by administrative rule, or are required due to a declaration of emergency issued by the Board of Trustees or other state or federal agency official or legislative body may be adopted after the first (1st) reading if notice has been given through the board agenda provided to the trustees and public.  All new or amended policies adopted as part of the emergency policy series shall become effective immediately upon adoption; unless a specific effective date is stated in the motion for adoption.

Suspension of Policies

Under circumstances that require waiver of a policy, the policy may be suspended by a majority vote of the trustees present. To suspend a policy, however, all trustees must have received written notice of the meeting, which includes the proposal to suspend a policy and an explanation of the purpose of such proposed suspension.

Administrative Procedures

The Superintendent shall develop such administrative procedures as are necessary to ensure consistent implementation of policies adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Legal References:                         

§ 20-3-323, MCA     District policy and record of acts
10.55.701, ARM       Board of Trustees
Title 20, Chapter 9 Part 8, MCA


Policy History:

Adopted on:            04/28/2020
Reviewed on:
Revised on:
Terminated on:

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