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Team B 

It is hard to believe that our Team B students are entering the last 2 terms of their eighth-grade year.  This group of 8th graders has navigated through two years of construction on their middle school, as well as persevered through the social and academic challenges that this pandemic has dealt them. Despite all of these obstacles, however, our Team B students continue to show grit and perseverance.  During this last term, we not only got to enjoy our first assembly in the newly completed auditorium, but the students also got to take their first field trip to Discovery. We are now planning for our next trip to Montana Wild in Helena at the end of the year. 

Since we are now entering term 5, the students will begin to start taking their Smarter Balance Assessments in Math, Language Arts, and Science.  All students are required to take this assessment, so please make sure attendance is a priority during this time period.  Please continue to monitor your child’s grades through the parent portal on the Butte School District website.  Our team also continues to use Microsoft Teams for any students that have missing work, so if your child is absent, please make sure they are checking Teams to stay up on classwork while they are gone.   If you need to visit with your child’s team of teachers, we meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30 to 9:15.  Please call 533-2671 if you need to set up a team meeting.

 Here are some specifics about what is happening in individual classrooms: 


Mrs. Johnson’s science class: Second semester we work through the world of physics. Currently, we are exploring energy and how it is around us all day every day. With this topic, students learn the nature and role of energy.  We are learning concepts related to kinetic and potential energy to demonstrate how energy is transferred and transformed. We are looking forward to some fun labs & experiments on this topic.

Mrs. Rose’s reading class: Reading class is rich in various texts used throughout the year. Students are enduring the second half of this year with several genres such as nonfiction, fiction, graphic novels, poetry, readers theatre, and informational texts. Earlier this year students read The Giver, a novel of a dystopian society. Students continue to learn about author’s intent as well as other important literary devices.

Various vocabulary is sprinkled in the numerous texts. Students study academic vocabulary, literary terms, and many Greek and Latin roots to facilitate comprehending new words. 

Technology is being used by students this year in reading. For instance, many assignments and quizzes are assigned through and completed on Office 365. This enables students to get nearly immediate feedback. Another advantage is when students are absent, all they need to do is sign on to Teams to see what they have missed. 

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, it is nice to have nearly normal teaching conditions again and to see students’ faces! 

Ms. Fabatz’s English class: Students have been working diligently on their Persuasive Essays for the last couple of weeks. It is ‘essay season” and 8th graders have been working hard learning and implementing APA formatting within their essays. High school teachers can expect them to know this requirement coming into their freshman year. Students were able to choose their topics as long as I approved. My goal in allowing this was to keep their interests high and write about something they could really stand behind. As we all know, many 8th graders love to argue so this writing workshop is right down their alley. I am proud of their effort and determination to do better with each piece of writing.

Mr. Dennehy’s Science and Social Studies class:  Recently, Mr. Dennehy’s science classes have been exploring fossils. More specifically, the layering of rocks over time and the types of animals that were walking the Earth at that time. The students have gone over the different eras of the geologic time scale as well.

Since March is Women’s History Month, Mr. Dennehy’s social studies classes have focused their attention to one historical figure every day and their contributions to the world. The class has studied women’s accomplishments ranging from Jackie Joyner-Kersee to Malala Yousafzai. The class is also going over current events around the world by watching CNN10 and writing about what is happening throughout the episode. For the rest of the year, we are going to finish our U.S. History books. At the moment, we are learning about the Great Depression and the economic downfall that ensued.

Ms. Leipheimer’s math class:  Students in Ms. Leipheimer's Pre-Algebra Classes are learning about the Pythagorean Theorem.  Students continue to work with right triangles to find side lengths.  Eventually, students will use apply the Pythagorean Theorem to graphs to determine distances between two points.  Students are currently working on the SBAC test which is a measure of their proficiency with 8th grade math standards.

Algebra 1 students finished a project on comparing tree growth rates.  Students each picked a different tree species and compared its growth with a tree, Ms. Leipheimer picked.  Students researched their tree and used information along with systems of equations to determine when their tree would be the same height as the teachers.   Students gave a power point presentation discussing their results and interesting information about their tree. 


Mrs. Queer’s Social Studies class: As we start the fifth term, the students have just finished studying the Industrial Revolution.  Students learned about the variety of different inventions that were developed in the 1800’s and how these inventions changed life both in the North and the South. Presently, students are studying various reform movements in the United States.  Since March is Women’s History month, students will complete a performance task by researching what important historical woman they feel should be on paper currency.  This project will give the students an opportunity to research using a variety of both primary and secondary sources, as well as creatively displaying this research in a multimedia format. We are looking forward to seeing the creative videos they create to showcase this research.  


Congratulations to the Team B students who were selected as students of the month so far.

September:  Howie Pearston and Danika Carr

October:  Kyler Adams-Johnson and Emily Allred

November:  Nevaeh Grunhuvd and Peyton Johnson

December:  Caleb Stapley and Taylor Dickinson

January:  Anthony Alkire and Peyton Liva

February: Nevaeh Kelly-Cannon and Mitch Verlanic



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