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Team C News Term 2

Team C Newsletter

Hello there- Term 2 is already behind us!!!  Team C teachers are really enjoying our students this year! Teachers ask that if your child is going to be absent or has been absent to please meet with teachers.  This really helps your student so that when they return to school, they will not feel so overwhelmed.  Congratulations to Dylann Bartoletti and Colby Daybrest for students of the month in November!! 

Now here’s what is happening in class:


Ms. Ryan’s:  7th grade is almost finished with our core concepts, we will be moving onto Europe after winter break.  8th grade has been working really hard on our unit on our government and our constitution.  We are now beginning Washington Era. 


Mrs. Nardiello’s: 7th Grade Science - We are going to studying cells and how they operate in living organisms.  This includes the use of microscopes and looking at some of the kids' own cells! This is always a fun and exciting time for the 7th graders. From cells we will jump into cellular processes and take a close look at mitosis and meiosis.8th Grace Science - We are jumping into chemistry.  Make sure to ask your kids about elephant toothpaste!  We are taking a close look at the states of matter and your student will be able to tell you what is going on at the atomic level in a pot of boiling water.  From the state of matter we will be taking a look at chemical bonds and the periodic table. 


Mrs. Walton’s: In Reading the 8th grade will start a unit on Greek Mthology. We are also continuing our work with literary terms and Greek and Latin root words.

7th grade readers will be doing a unit on "AChristmas Carol".  This is part of our Junior Great Books program.


Mr. Gilboy’s: The 8th Grade students have been focused on developing their writing skills this past term.  The students recently completed a unit of study on Narrative writing and completed the unit by producing a Narrative essay of their own.  The 7th Grade students are also working on their writing skills by following the five steps in the writing process.  They also completed a Narrative essay this past term.  Both classes will continue to focus on their writing skills by working on an Expository Essay throughout the month of December.


Miss Couch’s: In 7th grade general math we are wrapping up work with integers and are starting into some probability and measures of central tendency. We are learning how to work with data and how to read it in different ways.  In Pre-algebra we are finishing up work with proportions, similar figures and dilating shapes on a graph. We are going to be moving into exponents and scientific notation work shortly.  In Algebra we are finishing up work with cross products, percentages, error analysis and solving equations. We are going to be getting into work with inequalities and solving equations with inequalities.